Studies Show Going Green Increases Your Happiness


Researchers are finding that Mother Nature pays us back for our good deeds. 

Taking the steps to becoming more environmentally conscious can work wonders for our planet. And it can help us too.

Scientific studies have shown that voluntary, eco-friendly behavior can cultivate happiness, positive self-image, productivity and well-being.


Doing good helps us feel good. 

Research has shown correlation between pro-environmental lifestyles and happiness.

Have you ever done a bit of service and felt that warm glow of goodness and satisfaction afterwards? Well, there’s a science behind it. When we choose to help our planet and find ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we can elicit that warm glow of positivity.

Researchers have also found a significant, positive relationship between our connection with nature and happiness.

The more we come to understand, appreciate and spend time with nature, the more joyful experiences we open ourselves up to.


Loving the environment can help you love yourself.

One study showed that incorporating environmentally-friendly behaviors into our lives can help us a gain a more positive self-image.

Joining the cause to become more mindful of our home planet has shown to help improve the way we see ourselves.

Becoming environmentally aware can be a wonderful way to involve ourselves in a purpose far greater than us.

Contributing to important causes and efforts envelops a new form of self-love and confidence.


Choosing green behaviors can fuel our productivity levels (without the carbon footprint).

Researchers have found that companies who apply eco-friendly practices have more productive employees than those who don’t. The eco-friendly companies in the study were found to have more motivated employees, provide more resources and stronger employee relationships.

Laying a healthy foundation in your personal and professional life and giving back to the environment can motivate and push us toward our goals.


Health is wealth.

Going green has shown to boost our well-being in many ways. While it can increase our happiness and life-satisfaction, it can also improve our health.

Becoming environmentally aware can help us foster healthy habits. For example, choosing to ride your bike or walk to work or the grocery store not only helps decrease bad emissions but gets you active. Eating locally- and ethically-sourced foods is good for Earth and your body.

Adopting more minimalism in your lifestyle can help declutter and refocus your mind.

Knowing that you are trying to do your part and helping your environment can bless you with peace of mind and motivation to do more.


The common thread throughout the studies was in order to reap the benefits of going green, we have to do it for Earth’s sake.

Intrinsic, self-motivation to help conserve, save and take care of Earth is the link between the benefits of eco-friendly practices and happiness.

So, try going green for Mother Nature. It’s a great way to give back to Her for providing you with a home. And she’ll continue to give back to you.