Featured Musical Artist of the Month Beach Bunny

Artist: Beach Bunny Release: Ms. California

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Chicago-based indie-rock quartet Beach Bunny, led by singer and songwriter Lili Trifilio, are gearing up to release their debut album Honeymoon on Feb. 14, 2020, via Mom+Pop. In anticipation of the LP, Trifilio and company have released its second single/video, the sunny yet envious “Ms. California.”

“‘Ms. California’ tells the story of someone who is secretly in love with a person who is in a relationship and wishes that they could be their significant other,” Trifilio explains in a statement. “I wanted to write a song that captured the frustrating and feelings of jealousy and bitterness—something many of us have experienced.”

Beach Bunny render said jealousy as West Coast power-pop bliss: “Ms. California” is a bright fake smile, projecting happiness for all to see, with the sadness beneath just barely papered over. “She’s your girl, she’s in all your pictures / California girl, I wish I was her,” sings Trifilio, her yearning vocals betraying her discontent—“Everything’s better in California,” she later laments. Meanwhile, in the “Ms. California” video (dir. Matt Gehl of Everybody’s Baby), Beach Bunny’s four members—Trifilio, Matt Henkels, Anthony Vaccaro and Jonathan Alvarado—each endure their own struggles, from a parking ticket and lost set of keys to an overstuffed trash can and … whatever Trifilio’s character is dealing with. The video closes on her bobbing in the ocean, eyes on the sunrise, adrift but not without hope.

Beach Bunny are currently touring North America, including a pair of sold-out stops in Minneapolis and Indianapolis in the coming days. In spring 2020, the band heads out a headlining tour, with support from the likes of Field Medic, Indigo De Souza, Slow Pulp and MICHELLE, and more shows to be announced soon. You can find tickets here. The band is also selling holiday cards (designed by Trifilio) to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital—you can buy one here to help Beach Bunny give back this holiday season.

Watch the “Ms. California” video and revisit Beach Bunny’s November Paste Studio session below. You’ll find their tour dates further down.