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Fashion’s Green Future: Sustainable Fabrics

Pesticides in cotton growing, chemical-laden dyes and huge energy consumption make the textile industry a big burden on the environment. But fabric makers, gathered at an industry fair in Paris, are beginning to clean up their act.

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Music Artist

Gabe Gomez

Gabe Gomez has had a passion for music all of his life and it has always come completely natural to him.  His style is laid back with an island feel and much of his music includes the Ukelele.  He plays both the guitar and Ukelele in most of his music.  Gabe is a Floridian who […]

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Eco Feature

Two Women Are Bringing Public Awareness to the Fashion Industry’s Environmental Impact Through Their Sustainable Brand.

Julie Stine and Rosie Mueller of Koru Swimwear introduce Koru Swimwear’s new UP Collection to help educate consumers and lessen the environmental impact the fashion industry has on our planet. In 2011, Julie Stine started Koru Swimwear to bring fashionable surfwear and apparel to market using the most sustainable materials possible. She found a ‘Green […]

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Eco Lifestyle

How to do your first beach clean-up: 5 easy steps

By sisters Christine and Sarah MacLean from the Wellness Travelled BlogFind them on Instagram @wellnesstravelled Posted on January 14, 2019 We did our first “official” beach clean-up in Belize that past December. Before this I’d say we were classified as “beach(trash)combers”, picking up the odd straw and plastic bottle we saw on our walks. However, […]

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