Grow Your Own Indoor Organic Herb Garden

By Julie B. Stine

Organic herbs grown right in your home can be made as part of your decor, provide great natural fragrance, save you money and provide you an abundance of fresh cuisine options.

Growing herbs indoors is sometimes a little trickier than growing them outside. To start, find an area in your home with lots of bright sunlight for 6-8 hours. A south-facing window would be ideal in most cases. If it’s difficult to attain lots of sunlight for this long, you may want to think about purchasing some artificial ultra violet light to help them grow better. Herbs with larger leaves also tend to fair better when growing indoors because they can absorb light better. Some larger leaf herbs would include parsley, lemon balm, mint, chives and some varieties of thyme and oregano.

As far a proper watering, herbs need good drainage and are prone to be over-watered. A good way to provide good drainage is to add pebbles, rocks, or charcoal to the bottom of the container and only water once a week, but make sure you water when the top layer is dry to the touch.

When you grow your herbs indoors, you can certainly house them to enhance your decor by building a living herb wall and using displays such as shelving and slatwall.

Growing your own herbs can be grown from store-bought seedlings, but purchasing herbs already sprouted are easier to get started. If you purchase already sprouted from a store, it’s best to re-pot them into larger containers with fresh soil. For optimal growth, mix a teaspoon of organic liquid all purpose plant food into the water you add to the soil once a week.

Wait until they’ve matured a bit, so you have plenty of leaves left still on the plant even after you’ve pruned what you want to use. When you’re ready to use your herbs whether to use for cooking, or infusing into oils or other uses, simply cut them where the leaf meets the stem. Make sure your container is able to sustain the whole plant to its size and it has a sufficient amount of soil.

Home grown herbs are fragrant and organic. If you take good care of them, they will produce a bounty of herbs for a long time to come and can save you a bounty of money too.

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