Eco Artisan of the Month

Stacey Anderson-Ortiz is our Eco Artisan of the Month

Stacey Anderson-Ortiz

Stacey resides on the Space Coast of Florida and is an avid surfer. She loves crafts and started upcycling fabrics into various accessories. Her first upcycled project was a surfboard cover she freehand crocheted out of used bed sheets. She received so many accolades on it, she decided to create other items from lightly used fabrics with a similar look. She thought the freehand crochet technique would be a great application on handbags and she was right. Her unique, one-of-a-kind handbags have been a hit among friends and she will be selling her creations starting in October on a TBA website.

3 thoughts on “Eco Artisan of the Month

  1. I am also aware that Alexandra and her husband actively manage their manufactured waste and choose to buy unwrapped goods that they can take home in their own bags or baskets. Every small step will help sustain our world. Thank you Alexandra and Angus for your dedication to, and support of such a noble cause.

  2. This Girl is on Fire! I watch so many of her Youtube videos, they are so helpful and inspiring in so many ways. Not only to be a better human being for the world, but to be confident in exactly who we are every single day! I’m very happy you guys chose this amazing woman for your feature!

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