Reusable water bottles: A case for your planet, health and wallet.

By Angelie Rasmussen

Reusable water bottles: A case for your planet, health and wallet.

Reusable water bottles are the latest accessory.

About one in five consumers invested in a reusable water bottle this past year, according to Global Data. Over half of these consumers did so in an effort to decrease their plastic waste. Others wanted to drink more for their health or save money.

Luckily, it helps with all three.

An accessory that can help save the planet, your health and your wallet, reusable water bottles are trending for a reason.

Ever since I invested in a flask, I’ve felt more motivated to live more environmentally conscious, stayed more hydrated and spent $$$ less on waste.

If “because it’s trending” isn’t enough for you, here’s the scoop on the benefits of reusable water bottles.

  1. Your Planet

Every second, 1,000 plastic water bottles are thrown away. That’s 85 million bottles a day—30 billion bottles a year.

This affects the environment in two major ways: production and disposal waste and emissions.

It can take up to 17 million barrels of oil a year for companies to produce water bottles.

Think of your water bottle being filled one-fourth of the way with fossil fuel—that’s about how much it takes to create just that one bottle.

The bottled-water-making process takes three times the amount of water needed per bottle. Much of this water is wasted, as it becomes contaminated in the process.

Thus, it can take up to 2000 times more energy to support bottled water than tap. That’s exhausting for everyone.

Once we throw a water bottle away, we might not think about where it may end up. However, plastic does not decompose easily (it takes about 1,000 years!) or magically disappear.

Many find their way to landfills, streets and even oceans and water.

It’s estimated that there are 46,000 pieces of trash per sq. mile in the ocean. This corrupts the very environment sea animals live in. It can harm them by releasing toxic chemicals and obstructing their pathways and bodies.

  • Your Health

One study found that over 75% of working Americans said they aren’t drinking enough water to meet their bodily needs. *clears throat*

Water helps our brain-functioning, joints, skin, energy, dental health, oxygen flow, lungs, kidneys, temperature, digestive system, blood pressure, nutrient absorption and countless other necessities.

The fact of the matter is: we need water to keep going and stay healthy, but a great majority of us aren’t getting enough.

The CDC recommends packing a reusable water bottle, so you can have access to water when you’re on the go—make it your statement piece.

Carrying a reusable water bottle can not only help you access water more consistently, but it can give you a tangible reminder to drink more.

It can also help you better measure your water intake (some are specifically designed for this), so you can get that popularly-recommended 64 oz. in.

Still not convinced? One study found the range of bacteria found in bottled water to be much higher than that of tap water.

Drink more and cleaner water with a reusable flask.

  • Your Wallet

The average American spends over $100/year on water bottles alone. This can add up quickly for a family of two, four or six.

I got mine and my husbands’ quality, 24 oz. flasks for $10 each. We use and reuse them every day.

Your ROI looks up real fast.

Think about the ~luxury~ of not buying $5 water bottles out of vending machines and cases of water just last you a week.

Bottle your own water. Increase your health. Increase your wealth. Decrease our waste.

Say goodbye to plastics and hello to your new green-living accessory.